Things you should know about online blackjack

  • Jan 24, 2021

Gone are the days when you needed to travel to the casinos of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo to have a proper game of blackjack. These days, the casino comes to you - but not without the same attributes as in a land-based casino on the Strip or elsewhere. The experts of take you on a trip through the world of online blackjack, where they show you some of the most interesting aspects of the online game. If you want to be successful yourself, this is a must-read!

Yes, it is all the same - but not always

Compared to the land-based games, the versions of blackjack online are of course the same. Very commonly spread are the American and European versions of blackjack. Blackjack has its deeper roots in the Americas, so it seems only logical that the better games for the players also come from there. This is in contrast to roulette for example, where the basic game was developed in France and to date the European versions are still better suited for the players in terms of house edge for example

If we mention different versions however, this is not without some good reasons of course. You may need to learn about some key differences between these different games, because otherwise you may miss out during play. A key point about blackjack is that very often you as a player have more options on hand than the dealer. The dealer is bound to certain actions very soon, while you literally have an entire box of tools on hand to try and beat the dealer. Isn't that marvellous?

Count cards - if you can

One thing many guides have in common is that you should try and count the cards on the table. Try to maintain a record of sorts about which card is still potentially in play and which cards have disappeared from the game already. All the great players would have to be good card counters it seems. But this is only part of the reality. The effectivness of counting cards in blackjack varies with the versions - and even more so with the amount of card decks in play.

Operators of online casinos have put measures in place that make it really tough to count cards effectively. Very often, you would play with six or eight decks, which makes the game considerably more random. To win a game, counting cards is not the most important thing to do. But if at least you practice this, it might help you to increase your concentration skills. If anything is important at blackjack, it is to know what to do next in every situation. For that you need to concentrate.

Learn about insurance and splits

Great players are not necessarily those who always play flat out at full tilt and with all the risks in the world. It is quite the contrary actually. Successful players are more often those who manage to hang around a table for a long time without taking much risk. Your tool box that we mentioned earlier on would allow you some options to mitigate the risks, if only you knew about these tools. You can split your hand to increase your safety within the game for example.

A split is possible if you have two equally-valued cards on hand. You then play on with two hands. If one goes bust, you still have your second hand which maybe is more successful. But if the dealer beats you with this second hand too, you will have lost more money. Another option would be to buy an insurance against an immediate blackjack by the dealer. Just like the split, it costs you a little extra. But it goes some way to mitigate the risk in the game.


Try it out now

Of course, to find out whether you stand a chance, you will have to try it out yourself. Many casinos offer you the chance of playing some games without real money, just so you can get used to the mechanics. This is often limited to video games, while the more attractive live games are only open to "real" gamblers you play with real money. But if you are a quick learner, you may soon try your hand at online blackjack to see whether you are better than the bank.

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